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About Us

FAN Physique Apparel was created from the love, passion and premium lifestyle we have for fashion. It represents health, wealth, personal-development

Coming to existence in 2017, FPA is dedicated to making the most excellent BESPOKE clothing for tasteful men and women all over the world and also for sport lovers. Our collection lies in creating fashionable attire that not just conform to new trends in men and women’s style, but also to their exquisite way of life. Our Bespoke pieces are created to turn out to be part of your daily style. We make an effort to create reasonably priced pieces without compromising good quality and durability, with each and every piece created especially for you which makes it exclusive in its originality.

We are style and design explorers, constantly excited to showcase our clients with a specific thing basically new.

Making use of traditional tailoring techniques bequeathed from British tradesmen, FAN Physique has the tendency to provide every single client with specialist guidance on how to develop the most fashionable and convenient clothing collection for their daily wear.

Our mission is to bridge Empowerment and the fashion world together.

About our Product/Fabric

Our fabrics represent the prime combination of softness and stretch, ideally engineered for various types of embellishments. AND/OR fabric blends and utilize combed ring-spun cotton fabrics that are heavenly soft, at a value that is second to none.

At FAN Physique Apparel, we are committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our business. Each member of our dynamic team is dedicated to delivering a superior customer service experience. We always respect the rights of each individual and care for the environment, we take social responsibility to the next level in everything we do